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Introducing the Mundiali Bicycle

Mundiali is focused on helping curb global emissions. We are taking a lead role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution by creating targeted and reliable products that give citizens an option to fossil fuels.

Societies continue to be plagued with how to transport themselves for daily activities. Currently, the automobile is the main mode of transportation in North America. As such, Mundiali is actively producing exclusive bicycles and quadricycles that will provide consumers an alternative mode of transportation, giving everyone the ability to do their part in saving the world

Designed to fulfill the expectations and ambitions of our most passionate riders, the M line bicycles continue the Mundiali tradition of putting the thrill into cycling as a result of technological innovations.


Technology and the M series

Mundiali has developed a new product that will revolutionize the way we commute and transport ourselves in the future. Our bicycles have Italian design and car like features including: disk brakes, wheel hub electric motors, lightweight alloy frames, integrated Li-Ion batteries and security system, to name a few.

The new Mundiali electric bicycle is functional yet stylish; practical yet exciting; exclusive yet affordable. With a five year product roadmap, Mundiali is bringing to market affordable and accessible bicycles. Our unique exclusive bikes will only be produced in limited quantities, 1000 bicycles per model.   

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The Mundiali M4

The Mundiali M6

The Mundiali M7

The Mundiali MQ

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