Service Offerings

The following are specific areas that Mundiali provides services:

- Assessments: Risk, Environmental, Planning, and Impact Assessments

- Consulting: Renewable Energy Consulting, Environmental Management, Process design and implementation, Process Management and Continuous Improvement

- Sustainable Services: Project and Program Management, Green Information Technology/Systems
Mundiali creates reliable solutions to enhance overall operational excellence within an organization. Our services are based on industry standards, as well as Mundialiís distinctive best practices garnered from execution and experience. Mundialiís capabilities combine expert consulting (Scalable and Repeatable) and innovative service excellence (Thought Leadership and Creativity) to provide a tangible return on investment. We provide consistent, PMO-driven service support designed to meet the business objectives and requirements of our clients, delivering in a way that builds on Mundialiís Operational, Financial, and Client strengths.

With the ever-increasing need for energy, fossil fuels have been found to be limiting due to their finite source and dirty production. Today, with the widened focus on the need for renewable sources of energy and production of energy which reduces impact on the environment, renewable energy is taking center stage. There is the need to understand the environmental concerns and policy drivers. In many sectors of the economy, it is necessary to understand potential placement for renewable power and how various stakeholders affect the outcome of their production. Mundiali is solving the very real problem of organizations needing to manage costs, enhance business processes, and be more environmentally friendly at the same time.

Mundiali is familiar with important historical and current issues in renewable energy, approaches and processes used in the strategies employed to put renewable energy into production.
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