The Mundiali T1

The Mundiali T1 is a concept tricycle that is redefining the word personal mobility. The MT1 features aluminum alloy frame, weather-resistant soft sport bucket seat, disc brakes, and optional E-drive (speeds up to 45kpm, and up to 60km travelling range) enabling the rider to focus on one thing, the road. The performance and reliability will be enhanced by rust-proof Mag Steel 5-spoked 20" wheels. Each MT1 will come equipped with a standard Integrated Security System, locking the bicycle in place preventing theft or abuse – why should anyone have the thrill of riding your T1, you control access to who can ride it.


The Mundiali MT1, a revolution in personal mobility – why wait? Order yours today:



  • Frame:  aluminum alloy - Tadpole

  • Body: Fully enclosed Shell with door handle to open for entry

  • Brakes: Disk Brakes

  • Wheels/Tires: 18inch and 20inch  

  • Top Speed: 50mph

  • Battery Pack (2): Lithium Ion Battery 48v10ah (quick replacement)

  • Suspension: full suspension

  • Curb Weight: -less than 400 pounds

    • Supports up to 253 pounds (115 Kilos)

  •  Foot activated parking break

    • Optional: Steering Wheel activated brake/Lock

  • Cargo bay: supports backpack size (luggage compartment)

  • Lighting: Headlights, Front & Rear Turning Signals, Tail Lights, Brake Lights (LED)

  • Solar Panel

Early Concept Design