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Technical Specifications


Equipment List

All-wheel drive system ensures balance and high performance, with a Top speed up to 50 mph

Combines the active adventure of a bicycle with the added power and storage capability of a motor vehicle. Solar and human powered for an energy efficient, eco-friendly, ride

Connected Autonomous Mobility Now.  Connects digitally to the internet and smart devices to access control features and keep you safe.

  • Frame:  aluminum alloy - Tadpole

  • Body: Fully enclosed Shell with door handle to open for entry

  • Brakes: Disk Brakes

  • Wheels/Tires: 18inch and 20inch  

  • Top Speed: 50mph

  • Battery Pack (2): Lithium Ion Battery 48v10ah (quick replacement)

  • Suspension: full suspension

  • Curb Weight: -less than 400 pounds

  • Supports up to 253 pounds (115 Kilos)
  • Foot activated parking break

    • Steering Wheel activated brake/Lock optional

  • Cargo bay: supports backpack size (luggage compartment)

  • Lighting: Headlights, Front & Rear Turning Signals, Tail Lights, Brake Lights (LED)

  • Solar Panel

  • Travel range: 60 km



Placed on the Front Axel:


  • 3KW Fan Cooling

  • Model: HPM3000B -- High Power BLDC Motor  

  • Voltages: 48V

  • Rated power: 2-3KW

  • Peak power: 6KW

  • peed: 3000-5000rpm

  • ted torque: 10 Nm

  • Peak torque: 25 Nm

  • Efficiency: >90%

  • Dimensions: 18cm dia. 12.5cm height

  • Weight: 8kgs

  • Cooling: air or liquid cooling

Rear Hub Motor

  • HPM3000 (3KW) Motor Performance Data (48V) 

  • 3kw rear wheel hub motor

  • Voltage,48V

  • Specification: 8”-28” | Weight ,3KG

  • Power, 350w-3000w | Efficiency ≥85%



  • Wheel, A356 Aluminum

  • Magnet, 38SH

  • Wire(winding), QZ-3/155

  • Iron core, DW470

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